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 minni  (Modello Integrato Nazionale a supporto della Negoziazione Internazionale sui temi dell’Inquinamento Atmosferico - National Integrated Model to support the international negotiation on atmospheric pollution) was developed on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment.


MINNI is an integrated model aiming at supporting air quality policy at national and regional level.


The system is based on two main components:

  • AMS: Atmospheric Modelling System
  • GAINS-Italy

linked throught the Atmospheric Transfer Matrices (ATM) and RAINS Atmospheric Inventory Link (RAIL)


AMS concerns the air pollution dynamics (transport and dispersion) and multiphase chemical transformations. AMS calculates concentration and deposition fluxes of air pollutions.


GAINS-Italy is a complete Integrated Assessment Model derived from GAINS Europe (Greenhouse Gas - Air Pollution Interactions and Synergies) developed by IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis). GAINS Italy is an integrated model which combines information on current and future level of emission generating activities (e.g., energy use, industrial production, agricultural activities, etc.), allowing the assessment of measures aimed to reduce emissions from all or specific sources in terms of alternative emission scenarios, alternative air quality scenarios and abatement costs.


The two modelling systems can run alone or can be mutually fed, as the ATM allow GAINS-Italy to make row maps of concentrations according to emissive-energetic scenario; Gains-Italy, through RAIL, turns emissions of scenarios into a coherent format for SMA.

The whole system is a powerful tool integrating atmospheric science, measurements for emissions reduction  and cost evaluations to support the air quality policies.



Final Conference MINNI, 17-18/4/2013, Rome